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4 Ways To Make Preschool Dropoff Easier

For many parents, preschool dropoffs can be a challenging, emotional experience—and the same is true for young children. However, with the right strategies in place, dropoffs can become a smoother and more manageable process for everyone involved. 

Keep Things Consistent

Preschoolers appreciate familiarity and the feeling of comfort that comes with it. So, develop a routine you’ll regularly use when dropping your youngster off at preschool. suggests telling your children you’ll give them a “BIG bear hug and 5 kisses at the door” before they go into the room with their teacher. Let them know you’ll pick them up at the end of the school day (or let them know who will). 

Once you’re done with this routine—one that you’ll reserve specifically for preschool dropoffs—allow the teachers to manage the situation from there. Experienced teachers have handled similar transitions numerous times in the past. 

Create Something Special for After Preschool

If you can take your preschooler to the park or for a bike ride after pickup, let your child know so that they have something fun to anticipate. When the teacher hears you make that promise, caregivers can converse with your child about the upcoming event to keep them engaged. 

Get There Early

According to, you’ll experience less stress if you leave enough time for a calm dropoff experience rather than, say, getting frustrated over the morning traffic. When you’re feeling more relaxed, your child will pick up on that; the same is true when you’re feeling more stressed.

When your preschooler sees you right when preschool ends, they can associate the experience with a feeling of safety and happiness—which will help to create a calmer experience with drop-offs in the future. If parents take an interesting book or listen to a favorite podcast while they wait, it can be a positive experience for everyone.

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Work on Your Own Anxieties

As noted in the previous tip, kids notice their parents’ anxieties. So, when you work on your own feelings and project positivity into the dropoff experience, your child will pick up “confidence by proxy.” Your preschooler can become more resilient as you work through your emotions together to benefit from the preschool learning experience more fully. 

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