How to Deal with a Child’s Curiosity

It’s normal for a child to have so many questions in mind. Early childhood is when the young one randomly pops questions they mean for their parents to answer. Some subjects are either serious or for grown-ups; others can sound rather silly. Whichever is the case, here are ways you can deal with your child’s curiosity:

a.Don’t Play Deaf

Your child’s curiosity ringing alive is an opportune time for you to educate them. Instead of playing deaf or trying to change the subject, address questions right to instill in your child’s mind spot-on information.

b.Be Patient

Rather than getting annoyed with your child’s inquisitiveness, consider it a positive sign of their gradual growth and learning. Renew your patience morning by morning. You don’t need to reprimand an inquisitive mind for asking too much.

c.Simplify Answers

Respond to your child using their terms. Make hard concepts easy to explain. Make difficult answers easy to understand.
Value every question that comes out of your child’s mouth. Entertaining them one by one is your way of help in stretching their cognitive abilities.

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