8 Effective School Motivation Tips for Children

Is it a tough task to get your child out of the bed and into the school bus? Don’t worry too much because refusing to go to school is common and has varying root causes. It is a temporary phenomenon which you should calmly tackle as a parent.

Here are 8 tips to motivate your kids for school

1. Never be rude: 

Whenever your child nags about schooling, you should be polite even in your refusal. Your calm tone makes children realize how schooling is important and unavoidable. They learn to take ‘trouble of going to school’ in the right spirit. Your rudeness makes them feel that nobody understands them.

2. Discuss their issues 

Does school routine tire your children out? Have they made friends or are still lonely in class? Are they having trouble learning a particular subject? Get to the root of the problem by discussing their issues at length. Children go through a transition phase from being only at home to spending a significant part of the day in a new environment.So you should be calm enough to let the children confide in you.

3. Give them a reason to look forward to go to school

Children invariably like one or the other subject You should playfully encourage them to wait for that interesting period at school. This will ease their pressure and make them look forward to that fun-filled period in school.

4. Convince them that teachers are there to help 

Some children  feel too shy to socialize in school. If such  children get scolded by a teacher for some reason, they become more reclusive and start fearing teachers in general. This can be a strong reason to avoid going to school. Explain to your children that the teacher will appreciate them if they don’t commit the same mistake. Help them grow confidence. Once a teacher praises a student, fear will vanish. 

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5. Put their favourite treats  in their tiffins 

Nothing melts a foodie’s heart better than good food. If your child is bored with the same old cheese sandwich, try sneaking in cream rolls, pasta or spaghetti for a change. That will boost their taste buds enough to wait out the time until recess! 

6. Consult teachers to know if the children are being bullied 

Are your children being targeted by bullies? Do they keep to themselves or break into a crying spree every morning? Do you sense that they’re scared? It’s high time you take stock of the situation by speaking to the class teacher. These periods of trauma, unreported, can be very harmful for your children’s health.

7. Spend more time with children

Children need their parents’ attention. If the children cry for your attention from either the mother or father (or both), it’s a serious issue of negligence on your part as a parent.  Rectify that by spending as much quality time with your children so that they don’t miss you at school.

8. Ensure a sound sleep routine: 

Is your child a night owl? Does your family go to bed late at night? Do you tend to  pack school bags as early as 5:30 am? Understand that a minimum of 10 hours’ sleep is mandatory for any toddler. Ensure your children sleep well at night to help them stay energized throughout school.

What ideas have you been using to handle your children when they refuse to go to school? 

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