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Affordable Holiday Gifts That Kids Can Make

Affordable Holiday Gifts That Kids Can Make

It’s halfway through December. Depending on who you are, you either have all of your holiday shopping done or you’ve only just started putting your list together. Regardless of whether you have a dozen people to buy for or are looking for extra stocking stuffers, it’ll be a snap if you’re a parent. Why? Because you have kids! Everyone will love a handmade gift that your child made. Plus, it’s an easy way to give a gift that’s meaningful and affordable. 

DIY Holiday Gifts From Kids

We scoured the internet to find the best (and easiest) gifts that your kids can make for others. Not only is it an affordable way to show someone you care, but it also gives you a chance to make memories with your kids!

  • Holiday Cards – This is a great option for friends and family who live far away. For the cost of a stamp, you can send people handmade cards that your kids customize for each recipient. Crayons and markers are always welcome, but think about including a family photo or a personalized note, too.  
  • Air-Dry Clay Bowls – If there are still leaves on your trees outside, then it’s not too late to create an air-dry clay bowl for the people you love. They make great gifts because they can be used for everyday things, such as holding keys or jewelry. That means anyone you make them for will think about you and your family every day of the year. Here are the step-by-step instructions for this quick and easy craft.
  • Paint-and-Shake Ornaments – For the cost of clear plastic ornaments and some paint, you can create a decoration that family members will have on their trees for years. Have your child pick out the colors they want to use, squirt a teaspoon or so of each into some clear ornaments, and have your child shake the ornament with all their might. The result is a gift with a whimsical swirl that’s totally unique. Write “Merry Christmas” in permanent marker on the outside, and you’re set!
    • Safety warning: Because the ornaments will be shaken, MAKE SURE to use plastic ornaments and not glass ones.
  • Handprints on ANYTHING – People are suckers for stuff with kids handprints on it. Whether it’s a mug, a T-shirt, an apron, or a drawing, have your kids slap their handprints on it and people will be ooo-ing and ah-ing for hours.
  • Mason Jar Cookies – A box of cookies is nice, but the people you love may already have too many sweets in their house. Let them choose when they bake their holiday treat by giving them Mason Jar Cookies. Just layer in all of the dry ingredients of your favorite cookie recipe and include instructions that list the wet ingredients, oven temperature, and baking time. 
  • Footprint Drawings – Cover the bottom of your child’s feed with paint, have them step on a sheet of paper, and then let their imagination run wild! Do they turn their footprint into a reindeer? Is a depiction of Santa in there somewhere? Or is their foot a giant blue whale swimming the Arctic Circle? Let your child take their drawing in whatever direction they want. This is a present from them, afterall. They should be the ones excited about it!
  • Hand-Painted Flower Pots or Vases – Painted pots or vases give those you love a tiny touchpoint that will remind them of your child for years to come. Remember to spray the finished product with a clear acrylic sealer so the paint doesn’t flake off or smear with age. 
  • Snowglobes – Another great craft if you have canning jars to spare. Glue a small plastic toy or figurine to the inside of the lid. Put a tablespoon or two of glitter inside the jar, depending on how “snowy” you want it to be. Then empty an entire bottle of clear glue on top. Fill the rest of the jar with water, and glue the lid on to prevent leaks. Give it a few shakes, and viola!
  • “Fuzzy” Christmas Rocks – Everyone has heard of a fuzzy Christmas sweater, but not everyone has a fuzzy Christmas rock. Follow these instructions and substitute the colors for red and green or silver and gold. You’ll have a holiday decoration in no time.  
  • Sandpaper Printed Towels – Much like the clay bowls, a dish towel is an item that people will use every day. A personalized one from your child will ensure that they think of you and yours every time they’re in the kitchen. 
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Remember: Together Is the Point

As much as some of us would like every gift wrapped perfectly and every ornament in the perfect place on the tree, that isn’t the point. Regardless of what winter holiday you might be celebrating, the thing that makes each one special is being together with the people you love. So as you embark on creating these crafts with your kids, remember that the act of creating gifts is far more important than what they look like. As long as you all are having fun and thinking of others, you’ll make memories and traditions that will last for years to come. 

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