Essential Preschool Safety Features Explained

So, your child’s preschool promises good care and optimum attention, which are pretty much all you wanted. But children are gullible and need a totally safe environment outside home to be comfortable with new people and have fun. 

It’s your duty to ensure that your child’s preschool has proper safety and security measures. Go through the following security facilities reputed preschools have for children’s wellbeing.

8 security facilities preschools should have

1. Biometric system for Guardians:

Schools nowadays have biometric systems that record fingerprints of guardians after admission of the child is completed. Always choose such a school that allows entrance only when the identity of the guardian concerned matches with the data in biometric system of the school. 

2. ID Proof for Parents:

You may have multiple people in your family  accompany the child to and from school. Keeping guardian ID cards allows school authorities to keep a tab on who is coming to take children back home. 

Some schools allow a maximum of two people from each family to have ID cards for their children. Each ID card has a unique code with which the school identifies you as the guardian and hands over the child. This is a pretty neat and safe method. 

3. Cleanliness of Classroom Floors

Children learn various physical activities and thus, spend a lot of time on the floor of the classroom. During parent-teacher meetings, inquire if the classrooms and the floor are cleaned after every shift. 

Ask the authorities if classroom floors are covered with carpets to save children from dirt and diseases and maintain a totally hygienic environment.

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4. Security Drills 

Would your child be safe if a fire breaks out at the school? Some schools involve parents about their security systems in case of an emergency, such as a weekly fire drilling session. 

Make it a point to attend these sessions so that you see children learn safety precautions and decisions in front of you. This way you’d be able to trust the school.  

5. Smoke detectors

A mishap can be prevented if smoke detectors, fire alarms and heat detectors work perfectly. Don’t hesitate to ask security staff to demonstrate if smoke detectors inside school premises are active and react to even the smallest of flames or smoke. 

No compromise on the operations of these facilities should be allowed as they give the first signal to teachers, guards and school authorities to usher kids to safety. Schools should also have a proper supply of fire extinguishers as one must not wait for the fire department to help in dangerous situations like these.

6. Safe  toys

Security of preschoolers is incomplete without checking whether the toys they play with are age-appropriate. Insist on a classroom visit at the preschool to verify if the toys have sharp edges and hard surfaces. Insist on removal of such articles and also toys that create loops, or have ropes and create dust.

7. GPRS tracked transport 

Like the GPS systems of private transportation nowadays, you should be able to trace the routes and destination of your child entering the school bus. Schools should have a GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) system that monitors routes and speed of buses so that the buses can be tracked by them as well as the parents concerned.

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Besides, installation of CCTV cameras inside the school buses are also needed to check the conduct and behaviour of everyone inside the bus en route.

Security of your children is a very serious concern and schools having the facilities mentioned above can help you relax and focus on other things while your child is away at school. 

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