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How To Make School Mornings Easier

From rushing around to bathe and dress, eat breakfast, and ensure that everything needed for school that day is readily available, mornings can feel very hurried. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to involve this much hustle and bustle. There are ways to make your school mornings easier and more stress-free. 

Getting Enough Sleep

A late bedtime can make it challenging for your children to wake up early enough, points out, which can throw off the entire morning schedule. Plus, when children go to bed too late, parents may not have enough time in the evening to prepare for the next day and to relax. 

So, ensure a consistent bedtime routine at an optimal time. Once established, this can ease morning rush throughout the school year. Then, next year, when summer vacation is winding down, establish a successful sleep schedule before the school year begins. 

Preparing the Night Before

Preparation can include allowing your older children to pick out their own appropriate clothing and permitting your younger ones to select between two favorite shirts. Have them lay their clothing out—including underwear, socks, and shoes—so that, when morning comes, all is ready to go. 

Create a family rule that all homework and other important items are placed in backpacks the night before and, depending on your children’s ages, have them pack their lunches the night before and put them in the fridge—or do that yourself for the young ones. Any items that don’t need to be refrigerated could be placed in an organizer at the front door so that, when it’s time to leave, your children can grab lunches from the refrigerator and their belongings from the organizers—and be on their way for their day. 

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Keeping Breakfast Simple

Make sure you have all of the breakfast ingredients you need the night before; even if having cereal, double check that there’s enough milk. Anything that could be made the night before—such as hard-boiled eggs—can help to make the morning run more smoothly. 

A doctor quoted by NBC News encourages the inclusion of protein so that your children can stay full until school lunchtime. Scrambled eggs and cheese fit the bill and, when really rushed, healthy protein bars are better than sugary calories. 

Managing Morning TV or Video Games

When looking at how to make school mornings easier, some parents may decide to have their children skip television and video game use in the morning altogether. Their children may have previously rushed through brushing their teeth, for instance, to squeeze in fun activities before leaving for school—so before-school usage is a no-no. Other parents may decide to use TV and video games to motivate their children in the mornings when they get ready on time. Experiment with the approach that works best for your family. 

Horizon Education Centers

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