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Team Effort: Partnering With Your Preschooler in Potty Training

Team Effort: Partnering With Your Preschooler in Potty Training

Being a part of a family is a lot like being on a sports team. Together, you experience a lot of victory …


… a lot of defeat …


… and all the moments in between.

Not everything requires group participation, but there are lots of things that do. One of those things is potty training. 


Kiddos really do depend a lot on their parents to make potty training happen. Consistency has to be maintained both at home, in public, and at school. Here are some quick tips on how you can help your kid be that diaperless all-star you know they can be. 

Want all the details on potty training? There’s a blog post for that

Signs Your Toddler Is Ready To Potty Train

If you’re wondering if your child is ready to jump into the potty training game, check out our article on the topic. The main thing to know is that toilet training should always be based on a child’s developmental level and not their age. Don’t start potty training before your child is ready.

Potty Training Tips for Parents

Even though your child is doing the work of learning how to go to the bathroom, you’re their coach. Keep these things in mind as you help your kids achieve this major milestone:

  • Be positive! When you go to the bathroom, use it as a chance to talk your child through the process. Make the bathroom a fun place your child wants to sit, with or without the diaper on. Let them sit on the potty seat just for fun without any expectations that they will actually use it.
  • Look for the signs. How does your kid act when they need to pee or poop? Do they do a little dance? Get red in the face? Hide in a corner? Whatever it may be, when you spot it, get them to the potty quickly and calmly. 
  • Accidents happen. There is no such thing as a perfect season with potty training. Don’t scold, discipline, or shame your child if they don’t make it to the toilet in time (or at all). Stay supportive and positive. Keep a change of underwear and clothing handy wherever you go.
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Reasons Not To Potty Train Your Child

Sometimes the best thing to do for your little player is to keep them on the bench. Here are some reasons why you may decide it’s best not to try and potty train your child right now.

  • You’re about to have another child.
  • You’re traveling.
  • You’re about to move.
  • Your child is switching from a crib to a bed.
  • Your child is sick.
  • Your family is going through turmoil, like a serious illness or death.

For Parents, Consistency Is Key

Once your child is developmentally ready and you start a potty training regimine, the most important thing you can do as a parent is keep going.

Like so many other things when it comes to parenting, consistency is key. Only practicing potty training at home isn’t going to help your child learn they need to use the bathroom every time they feel the urge to go. So no matter where you are — out shopping, at someone else’s house, or at daycare — make sure you are ready to take your child to the bathroom if they say they need to go.

(The only time this doesn’t apply is when your child is sleeping. Lots of kids will need to wear sleeptime protection until they are 5 or 6 years old.)

If your child goes to Little Sunshine’s, they do not have to be potty trained before they start. Our kids span the ages of 6 weeks old to 6 years old, so we are with them during every phase of their potty training years. The only requirement that most Little Sunshine locations have is for children to be potty trained before they can move up to the Pre-K class at age 4. When your kid is ready to use the potty, our teachers and leadership will partner with you and your child to make it a positive, constructive experience. 

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If your child goes to another preschool or daycare, talk with their teacher about how they can help your child when you’re not around. Each organization will have different rules and protocols as it relates to toilet training. Find one that works for you and your family.

You’ve Got This, Coach

It may seem like an uphill battle, but potty training is an important part of your child’s developmental journey. Just remember that every child is different in how long it takes to potty train, but every child eventually gets there. Just love them through it, and everything will be just fine. Go team!

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