Unlock Early Learning Benefits with Preschool

Did you know? Research shows that 90% of the brain develops before the age of 5. This is an important fact to consider for your child’s early education.

Babies are born ready to learn, as they adapt to their surroundings and learn basic skills from their caregivers & family. The added help from well-trained & skilled teachers can enrich your little one’s learning phase even further. Therefore, ensuring quality preschool education at the right age can be very beneficial. 

Here are 7 ways that preschools boost your child’s development, socially, emotionally & physically:

1. Language skills:

Preschool provides children with exposure to a rich language environment, which helps build their vocabulary and language skills. Rainbow Preschool promotes multilingualism, as students can fluently read & write in English & Hindi by the age of 5. 

2. Social skills:

Children in preschool interact with peers and adults, which helps them develop important social skills, such as cooperation, empathy, and communication. Rainbow Preschool conducts various social events throughout the year to help children interact & express themselves. These include – Annual day, Sports day, monthly Festival Celebrations, Grandparents day, Show & Tell activities, and so on.

3. Cognitive development:

Preschool activities and play help children develop important cognitive skills, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity. Our learning methodologies include the use of developmentally appropriate toys, science-themed activities & regular art-craft sessions. These keep children engaged & curious about the world.

4. Motor skills development:

Through physical activities, preschool children can develop their fine and gross motor skills. These skills are essential for a child’s physical development. Our students practice yoga & floor exercises regularly, along with fun dance routines for each event. There are multiple Fine-motor activities in the preschool program, which help strengthen their fingers and positively impact their writing skills.

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5. Emotional development:

Preschool provides a supportive and nurturing environment that helps children build self-esteem, independence, and emotional regulation. Children are introduced to various emotions – negative & positive and taught to express them in a healthy manner. This teaches toddlers to regulate their emotions when overwhelmed.

6. Early exposure to concepts:

Children are introduced to basic concepts, such as letters, numbers, and shapes. This provides a strong foundation for advanced learning in the future. Along with English and Hindi, students at Rainbow Preschools are introduced to Math from a young age. Simple activities are designed to challenge their understanding of numbers, in a play-based environment.

7. Preparation for school:

Preschool helps children get used to a structured environment and daily routines. This can make the transition to elementary school smoother and easier. Parents often find their children better prepared for Grade 1, who have accepted the routine of going to preschool each week.

Rainbow Preschool International aims to stimulate your child’s creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking skills through engaging activities and educational play. Our experienced teachers provide a nurturing and supportive environment that fosters growth and confidence. Give your child the gift of learning and discovery and reach out to us to book a counseling session. We are prepared to give your super-child the best educational journey for their further growth and development.

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