4 Things You Didn’t Know About Clever Daycare Aspen Glen


Living the life of a busy parent is not always easy, and we’re here to help when things take an unexpected turn. Are you searching for a reliable childcare centre in Aspen to look after your little one during your business meeting? Do you have errands to run? A doctor’s appointment? A job interview? Do you need to work this weekend?

You can rely on Clever Calgary daycare to keep your child safe, happy, and stimulated while you’re away, no matter for how long.


We know that the first few years of life are a time of intense cognitive development, building the brain from the ground up. Healthy development ensues when young children ‘serve’ by babbling, gesturing or speaking, and adults’ return’ by getting in rhythm with the kid and responding appropriately.

The interactions that do or do not take place have a profound and long-term impact on all subsequent development and learning. That’s why Clever Aspen Glen centre cares so much about staff and educators to child ratio at all times.


Outdoor exercise and playing areas are spacious and flat, not wholly exposed to the searing sun or completely obscured from the sunlight. All outdoor playground equipment is marked with safety inspection signs and a commitment to regular garden upkeep. There are no sharp objects in the outdoor area, and security cameras and teachers monitor the area surrounding the sports area to ensure children’s safety.


It’s not uncommon for children to have difficulty pronouncing words, stutter, or have pitch and volume issues. Clever Aspen Glen daycare facility pays special attention to children who require speech therapy or are falling behind in that regard.

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If your kid needs these services, an Alberta Education educator will come in at no cost to you. These experts work closely with your toddler or preschooler to assess their capacity to communicate and understand others before tailoring therapy sessions to the child’s specific speech and language needs.

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