4 Tips You Can Use When Reading Stories to Your Kids

Reading stories to your children not only enables you to bond with them but also helps in their overall development. That is why it will be wise to read to them regularly. Here are helpful tips to use when reading to your children:

1. Let your kids pick the books or stories they want you to read.

They may be interested in a story about princesses or dragons and others. If they are interested in the story, they will most likely listen and comprehend the content. Make sure not to focus on only one genre when letting them pick stories.

2. Alter your voice according to the characters’ personalities.

It will be fun for them to listen to different voices. You can use small voice for a child, a deep voice for a man, and many other voice tones for different characters.

3. Act things out, if you can.

Actions will make reading livelier and more fun for your children. Inject your sense of humor, if possible.

4. Ask your toddlers about their take on the story.

Doing so will help practice their listening and comprehension skills.

Share these tips with other parents and start reading to your kids today!

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