51 Key Lessons for Confident Kids

The world is a mad place – as parents see it. They like to raise confident children who can battle it all. 

These are 51 life lessons that can help.

  1. Life doesn’t begin and end with textbooks.
  2. Life doesn’t begin and end with notebooks either.
  3. But it’s a good idea to keep notes.
  4. Because the questions you’ll face will come from unexpected places.
  5. And your answers can come from the thoughts you collect.
  6. And also from the things you observe.
  7. You may not know this but parents too fail at many things.
  8. But they’re too scared to admit it.
  9. Because parents are conscious in front of their children.
  10. So, don’t ever hide anything from us.
  11. If you open up to us, we won’t judge you.
  12. You never know – we might tell you all about our own struggles.
  13. Play with us: we’ll get to know each other better.
  14. Or play alone: you need “me-time” too.
  15. Or don’t play at all sometimes: doing nothing is allowed to.
  16. Look out of the window in such times.
  17. Learn from the ants, or even the mosquitoes.
  18. Watch them struggle for food.
  19. Look at how they overcome all their hurdles.
  20. Observe how they find their sugar.
  21. No matter how far it is.
  22. Life is like that: you too will find your sugar.
  23. You’ll know where your sugar is.
  24. You only need to decide it’s sugar that you want.
  25. Sometimes, the sugar itself will call you, tell you where to find it.
  26. And you’ll figure out roads to reach it.
  27. Or you’ll make our own roads.
  28. Or the roads will be so impressed with you that they’ll open up on their own.
  29. That’s the beauty of hard work.
  30. And determination. And confidence.
  31. These maybe big words for you right now.
  32. But you’ll develop your own relationship with them.
  33. Relationships take time.
  34. The only sensible thing to do is to give it time.
  35. Yes, give your sugar some time.
  36. Maybe a lot more.
  37. Maybe more than what others give.
  38. And that’s okay. Because it’s your sugar. Not anybody else’s.
  39. If someone compares your sugar with another’s, gently tell them to mind their own business.
  40. Because comparisons break hearts.
  41. Ants don’t compare.
  42. They’re busy listening to their own grains of sugar.
  43. And they line up beautifully.
  44. They’re not thinking about anything else.
  45. Nobody tells them what to do and how.
  46. It looks like everyone is there for each other.
  47. Meet great people. Make great friends.
  48. Such friends are good for confidence and overall well being.
  49. Meanwhile, you have us.
  50. Tell us what you think about, what you dream about.
  51. Together, we can do anything.
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Boosting confidence is just an occasion. These life lessons can do much greater wonders to all kinds of chitchat among parents and children.

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