6 Signs of A Trustworthy Daycare Centre

Outdoor & Playground Safety

Outdoor physical play gives infants and toddlers much-needed activity, sunshine, and a diverse location in which they can practice motor skills. So, it’s pretty important for a daycare centre to have a safe and age-appropriate outdoor area and playground.

When it comes to motor skills, there are various stages of development that children go through. To give a simple example, they may be mastering walking, working on running, or learning how to climb. All motor skills must be supported by secure and appropriate equipment and surfaces. Having different outdoor equipment for children of different age groups (infants, toddlers, pre-schools, and kindergarteners) will help them in their growth.

While having safe equipment and a play area is a must, you should also remember that a trustworthy childcare facility can’t rest until they have a safe outdoor area under active supervision. Such supervision could involve moving across the outside space, scanning children and the surroundings for hazards, identifying potential dangers, and making appropriate changes to the environment.

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