6 Ways to Get Your Child Ready for Preschool

Reading your child for preschool doesn’t take overnight. It entails time and continuous effort to aid them in becoming all set to enroll in preschool.

As you would wish for your young one to soar in this level, thoroughly prepare them these ways:

a.Slowly teach them basic knowledge like ABC’s and 123’s. This makes it easier for your child to pick up lessons in class and interact in discussions.

b.Start training them to use the toilet on their own. They may not always get immediate help from you anymore.

c.If the class falls early in the morning, start orienting their body clock with the right time for sleeping and waking up.

d.Teach them the proper use of different school supplies needed in preschool.

e.Prepare their emotions for the reality of spending a few hours per day in a different environment away from home.

f.Let them learn to socialize. Start within your household, neighborhood, and relatives.

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